Migration to Serverless AWS System

Migrate traditional services to the cloud and ensure effective redundancy measures are in place
Luvanto Design Flooring Catalogue Redesign


Luvanto is the fastest growing flooring brands in the UK market place. There existing website and associated infrastructure was handling an average of 80,000 request per month and rising rapidly.

The IT management team at Luvanto wanted to migrate their systems onto AWS to improve efficiency. Reduce operational costs and ultimately save the business money.

The system was migrated to a completely serverless infrastructure that incorporates some of the following services:

  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • SES
  • SNS
  • CloudFront
  • API Gateway
  • S3

The system now handles over 100,000 requests per month and offers a significant saving to Luvanto.

Luvanto Design Brochure with Plank Swatches
Double Page Photography for Key Images
Brochure Layout