What should you look for in a DevOps Consultant?

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For the growth or even the survival of any business, efficiency is one of the primary driving forces, which is probably the reason why the old saying, “Time is money” is relevant here.

Present businesses not only need to measure the efficiency of the business, but they also are required to measure the inefficiencies that lurk around in their business.

This is where the role of consultants comes by, considering that business consultants are present because they assist organisations in solving issues present and provide the overall value to it. Moreover, when you are considering to get a DevOps consultant, you are looking for someone who is efficient to his/her bones. 

Most organisations that are not yet affiliated with DevOps still consider it bogus, because of the cultural shift it asks for. However, DevOps has become the driving force for software development organisations to ensure efficiency in their field of work.

Nonetheless, adopting a DevOps culture requires a complete makeover of your business objectives, which can only be possible with a DevOps consultancy service. Here, we will elaborate on the skillsets you should look for in a DevOps consultant or a DevOps consultancy service for your IT business. 

Who is a DevOps Consultant? 

A DevOps consultant is a leader who will be able to guide your organization towards the DevOps transition. He will ensure that you don’t fall off track and lose your momentum quickly. The consultant with his expertise and skillsets will provide you first-hand experience on how this culture is executed practically. Furthermore, a DevOps consultant will stick by your organization through thick and thin and not quit until your organization has fully grasped the concept of DevOps and the environment it brings. 

Soft People Skills 

As you already know, DevOps is an area that is the combination of Development and Operation team structure; which makes the DevOps consultant a bridge that will link the two of them. Most organizations who think that DevOps environment can be built overnight, tend to focus on the tools and platforms, rather than the people and the procedures involved in it. An efficient DevOps consultant begins by understanding the culture and the people; while also observing how the organization runs. Then the consultants will devise strategies to simplify operations for improving deliveries. 

Team Player 

Just like any other leader, DevOps consultant needs to display the leadership qualities that are highly desirable and has the capabilities to blend with the team well. Considering that, there will come projects where the consultant has to work with tens or even hundreds of people. In that situation, things can quickly turn chaotic, which could affect the entirety of the project. The consultant needs to be fully functional and learn to support the team members; while conduct delegation fairly. 

Exceptional Understanding for the Tools and Technologies 

The technical skills for a DevOps consultant are probably the next most important thing after having leadership qualities. Consequently, it needs to be understood that technology is being evolved consistently, which means that the consultant needs to be fully aware of the latest trends and technological innovations that are being introduced in the DevOps implementation. According to Ron Gidron, who is a technological evangelist at Automic Software, a great DevOps consultant is always curious to continuously learn new things. Not to mention that he must be willing to ask questions and learn from the answers. He must be skilled enough to use those answers to devise strategies and welcome new challenges to improve operations for the better. 

Expertise in Infrastructure Automation Tools 

DevOps implementation utilizes the agile infrastructure and a number of automation tools for the development of the projects. Most of the manual tasks that used to take time to complete in traditional systems, take lesser time to execute with the help of scripting languages. A good DevOps consultant needs to firstly be skilled highly in these automation tools; and secondly, he or she should be able to assign the team members in accordance with the tools. In other words, a good DevOps consultant must be aware of the balance required for managing the team structure and then assigning the right team members to the automation tools. 

Customer-First Mindset

Any good consultant (DevOps or not), he or she must have a customer-centric mindset, given that the client is the one who is paying for the project after all. A good DevOps consultant should be aware of how the project will add value to the consumer and devise strategies accordingly. If the eagerness to satisfy the client is present in the minds of the consultant, then he or she will share that eagerness to his team members. 


The DevOps culture if implemented adequately provides flexibility to the team, which is not possible in traditional team structures. It provides opportunities to individuals for growth, both professionally and as an individual. Not to mention that a DevOps consultant should be able to multitask, since, he or she will be handling queries from multiple people, i.e. developers, QAs and even clients. In other words, they are the heart and soul of a DevOps project, and with him being ineffective, the team will not only fail to execute the project, but it will also create a big mess for the organizational setting. 

All in all, DevOps is not just a buzzword, it’s the way present IT companies are executing businesses. If implemented properly, this practice can drastically improve the business transactions of your company. So, by not involving a business consultant in your DevOps operations, you are not fully unlocking the benefits of DevOps software development. Now, Spacegoat is an organisation comprised of DevOps consultants who have worked in this framework ever since its inception. They will become a part of their business and provide services to unlock the potential of DevOps that many full-fledged industries have adopted. So, don’t wait further, because technology will not wait for anyone. Contact Spacegoat now! 

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